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Hiring and retaining employees are concerns of business as well as governments.  Staffing utilizes a great deal of management time and financial resources.  Employment services provided by Sault & District Personnel Services will meet your needs whether you are an employer, a property owner or a jobseeker.

Company Profile

Sault & District Personnel Services specializes in temporary placements and full-time referrals, since 1987.  We offer numerous advantages to businesses, property owners, and workers by matching the right person to the right job.


Businesses benefit from our employment services:

  • Save on advertising costs and time interviewing
  • Access to our database of skilled professional workers
  • Try out a candidate before offering a permanent position
  • Cost-effective - use temporary worker during fluctuating peak-loads or seasonal activities


Property owners can access our employment services to assist them in their home and yard projects

  • Fully Insured
  • Staff and equipment available.


Job seekers can register with us and benefit from our employment services:

  • Acquire a wider range of experience
  • Polish skills, and improve your marketability
  • Reduce the time, bother and costs associated with job search


We are here to assist you quickly, efficiently, and professionally. 


Contact Information

Please contact us by telephone or by email for more information.

(705) 759-6191
(705) 945-9678
Postal address:
1719 Trunk Road, Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 6X9



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